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What is the best shoe for Zumba?

There are a few shoes that people have recommended. Most people recommend a dance shoe because Zumba is dancing. The shoe below has a lot of great reviews and the people specifically mention ZUMBA!

ASICS Women’s GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe

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Best zumba shoe

Zumba Shoe Reviews for the Asics GEL Entrall

Great For Zumba

I love these for Zumba, I’m an instructor and love that these
don’t grab the floor, and the heel has the shock absorbtion ya need

Great Zumba Shoe

I recently started taking Zumba classes and my regular running shoes that I wear for the gym were not good enough. In Zumba you do a lot of sliding on the floor and my running shoes kept getting caught on the floor and I almost tripped myself several times. I am far from a thin person and need support so I did an internet search and was so excited because Asics are my favorite brand of sneakers so I immediately purchased these and now wear them every week to my Zumba classes. They are super comfortable and supportive. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone cross training or taking Zumba or similar classes.


Do you need shoes for Zumba?

zumba shoesZumba is a great new dance and fitness routine that you can do in a class or at home. The only thing is that Zumba requires a lot of movement from your entire body. Just like joggers use jogging shoes, people who love Zumba may want to use special shoes for Zumba. Right now there are no shoes specifically for Zumba, however there are shoes made specifically for dancing, and that is essentially what Zumba is.  I asked a bunch of the girls from my Zumba class and most of them prefer the Nike Musique dance shoes. These are great for working out and for Zumba!

What are the best shoes for Zumba?

A bunch of the girls in my Zumba class said the best Zumba shoes are the Nike Musique. If you want to buy some I found a really good website, there are a lot available for good prices on this website. This is the same website that I bought my Zumba shoes from and I love them. Now I am recommending them to my friends!

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