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Zumba Clothing Guide

Zumba is the hottest dance and fitness class in the world today and that is no surprise, it is a lot of fun and provides a great whole-body workout! When people take up a new sport or hobby they need to be prepared, I am sure a lot of people started Zumba with just regular […]

Zumba for Wii

As you may know Zumba is one of the hottest dance and fitness programs that is available today. There are over 90 000 Zumba classes in over 110 countries! Luckily for you there is also Zumba for Wii. In this post I will give you a link to where you can get a GREAT price […]

Free Zumba Workout Video

Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to add a free Zumba workout video to this blog. This workout shows you the Zumba basic steps so that you can feel more comfortable when you go to your Zumba class. The video below is a short segment from the offcial Zumba DVD set […]

Zumba Music

One of the integral parts of Zumba is the Zumba music. The music used during the classes and on the dvd’s is very important, and a huge motivating factor. It is the Zumba music that helps guide the moves and also puts the people involved into a great and uplifted mood. The tempo and the […]

Zumba Shoes

What is the best shoe for Zumba? There are a few shoes that people have recommended. Most people recommend a dance shoe because Zumba is dancing. The shoe below has a lot of great reviews and the people specifically mention ZUMBA! ASICS Women’s GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe Details – ON SALE $79.95 – Buy it here […]

Looking for a Zumba Fitness DVD?

Well I guess it is a good thing that you have found this blog! Right now (February 7th 2011) I do not have a lot on the site, but soon this Zumba site will be FILLED with all kinds of information, dvd’s and other Zumba gear. I love Zumba so I thought I would make […]