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Zumba Clothing Guide

Zumba is the hottest dance and fitness class in the world today and that is no surprise, it is a lot of fun and provides a great whole-body workout! When people take up a new sport or hobby they need to be prepared, I am sure a lot of people started Zumba with just regular workout clothing, but now you may be looking for better suited Zumba clothing. This Zumba clothing guide should help you out!

Zumba Clothing for Women

zumba clothing for women

Since it seems a lot of women enjoy Zumba we will start with Zumba clothing for women. Lets start with the basics, everyone has their own style and personal preference, but from speaking with Zumba pro’s I have found that the following brands are recommended

Supplex – This material has been recommended a number of times to be used during Zumba class because it is fully breathable, it is soft and feels like cotton and fits nicely. It also holds it colors well so if you want to be bright and vibrant (or just avoid the faded look) then this is a good material to get. You can find Supplex tops and bottoms on this page (also check out yoga clothing and under armour)

Zumba Clothing for Men

zumba clothing for men

Zumba is a great workout for men and women, if you are a guy doing Zumba you don’t want to be left out and luckily there are some great clothing options for you.

Dri Fit – This is a material and clothing line that is great for men. The shirts and shorts give you good freedom of movement and are designed to reduce chaffing (great to have while taking dance / fitness classes!) They also use the dri fit material which will whisk moisture and sweat away from your body and keep you cool and moist. You can buy dri fit clothing here

Zumba Shoes

This is a big point of discussion when it comes to Zumba clothing, what to wear on the feet? Almost every instructor will recommend dance shoes. This makes sense because Zumba is technically a dance class (where you get in great shape!) I wrote an entire article on the best Zumba shoes and included a link to where you can buy them.

Zumba Clothing Tips

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable, and moisture absorbent (you will sweat!)
  • You will be moving a lot so make sure your clothes do not rub you the wrong way (chaffing sucks)
  • Wear something that you look good in! Studies have shown people workout more when they have the proper attire and when they look good in their clothing

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