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Zumba Fitness DVD’s and Games


Zumba DVD’s

Option 1 – Biggest Collection – $129 YOU SAVE $35.99

The most comprehensive Zumba DVD out now is Zumba Fitness Exhilarate: The Ultimate Experience DVD Set. This is the newest Zumba DVD set and comes JAM PACKED full of goodies including 7 DVD’s that are packed with easy to follow Zumba dances ranging from beginner to advanced and also an option to just listen to the music, or music + verbal tips from the instructor. The set also comes with Zumba toning sticks.

Option 2 – $150

zumba fitness dvdThis is a smaller set and was the first Zumba set released. For the best value we recommend Zumba Fitness ehilirate (linked to above) out right now is from the Official Zumba organization. It has 4 dvd’s, weights, and great music. This used to be the most affordable option, however now it is selling for $150 and Option 1 is a much better deal.


Zumba Fitness games – interactive dance – There are also video games for Wii, xbox and PS3 where you can follow a program. The price for this is always going down and I found that this site has the best prices for all three platforms.

Do you want to lose weight at home and have a GREAT time doing it?

Zumba is the hottest new workout and home fitness craze and it is NEVER too late to get into this awesome activity. The problem with most workouts is that they are BORING! but not zumba 😀 I fell in love the first time I tried Zumba because it is

  • Easy for any beginner to learn
  • A lot of fun
  • Makes me a better dancer

Why Zumba DVD’s instead of Classes?

I absolutely LOVE Zumba class because I can get out and meet people who enjoy the same things as me. The only problem was I went to a Zumba class and I was totally embarassed. I was so un-coordinated and did not know any moves. I ordered the DVD’s and used them for about a month and then went to the Zumba class again. I fit right in, and quickly picked up on the moves. Know I use the dvd’s and go to classes. Also I have lost 15 pounds! it is not alot, but my body just looks tighter and more toned, a lot of people noticed 😉

Visit those links above to get your Zumba DVD’s or video games!

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